Chiharu Shiota

Finding artworks that move an artist far beyond the feelings evoked when seeing great art is always something unexpected or, to be more specific, of a timing that we cannot predict. Chiharu Shiota’s seemingly wildly woven installations immediately felt familiar to me. Partly, I’m certain, for my love of Ludwika Ogorzelec's sculptures and installations, but also for the extremely detailed linear use in space.

For me, it immediately relates to the small lines I used in my current abstract expressionist painting and feels as though Chiharu Shiota reached into my soul and pulled out much of my vision, magnifying and bursting it into massive 3D embryonic settings. Simply put, it was love at first sight. 

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"Find Unforgettable Art in an Unlikely Place : A Pittsburgh Mattress Factory" 

 "Letters of Thanks", 2017

"Letters of Thanks", 2017

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