Observation Skills: Three Things

"Training our awareness is important, not only for writing, but for experiencing life moment to moment. Here is an observation exercise I do daily — not as a discipline, but to alleviate boredom. I do this exercise when I am standing in line a the DMV or grocery store, or walking to get somewhere, or otherwise experiencing what used to be dead time. Before, my thoughts would turn on themselves, like a cat licking and licking its fur, obsessively grooming. Now I simply say to myself: Three things. Look around, observe three things that are striking or unusual, and note them." — Kim Addonizio

Kept this gorgeous advice from Kim Addonizio's Ordinary Genius in mind on my walk from free parking to the gallery today. Witnessed: 

- stellar alliteration at the christian youth program place on Luck Ave. "Faith and Fun" "Straight Streets" "Hope and Help" 

- an office plant pushing through closed mini blinds to reach the light 

- an open, full, can of AriZona Sweet Tea set in the center of the wide sidewalk adjacent to the windowless wall of the Verizon data center. 

Addonizio's approach reminds me a ton of the guiding aesthetic behind street photogrpahy, a few great examples of which are below: 

East Village of New York City, April 1998 by Edward Wexler

Some artists, like those below, strategically vie for this sort of attention, installing works directly into the gallery of the daily world. 

#Dysturb paste-up near the Australian Centre for Photography in Perry Lane, Paddington (Sydney).

What have you seen lately?