OPENING — SELFLESS: A bicoastal collaboration between painter Shaun Whiteside and printmaker Delia Salomon.

"Adrift" by Shaun Whiteside. 

Fleda A. Ring Artworks is proud to host a visual discussion between printmaker Delia Salomon of Berkeley, CA, and painter Shaun Whiteside of Christiansburg, VA. From opposite sides of the United States, these artists use their distinct media to ask ultra- contemporary social questions.

In a lithographic homage to the hashtag, Salomon explores what it means for a social concept to be ‘graven in stone’ in the digital age.

“My newer work is centered on the language of the Internet and explores how technology impacts our relationships,” explains Salomon. “I am currently working on a series of lithographs investigating the infamous ‘hashtag’ and some of its popular tags such as ‘no filter’ and ‘live authentic.’ Lithography is a tedious and finicky medium that forces me to engage with my pieces over a longer period of time... pushing me to consider the role of traditional art mediums in a world that values instant gratification.”

Meanwhile, in his studio in the New River Valley, Whiteside applies hand-mixed ‘black’ paint to horizontile planes and allows spilled water to drive off, dilute and errode the pigmints into multicolored organic forms. The resulting abstract paintings, a series Whiteside calls, “Elegies to the U.S. Republic,” troubles our sense of certitude, our ‘black-and-white thinking,’ reminding us that nuance and complexity are inherent features of both the natural and the social world.

Says Whtieside of his process, “By incorporating natural forces into my drawing and painting process, I am simultaneously exalting natural order and decrying the iniquities created by human order.”

Join us at our Roanoke gallery in the 16 West Church Ave. Marketplace on August 5th, 6pm-10pm, to meet the artists and celebrate creative community! 

"Think" by Delia Salomon. 

"Think" by Delia Salomon.