Kyle Wilson's Lovely Sins

Opening Reception Friday, February 5th from 6PM to 10PM

In Kyle Wilson's second solo show at Fleda A. Ring Artworks, Kyle repurposes the cast-off artwork huddled in the corners of Good Will and antique shops; on the tables at yard sales, selling for $3-$5 each. "Why should this canvas be left to collect dust?" Kyle wonders. This incredible collection of artwork shakes of their dust and breathes new life into abandoned artworks, imbuing them with new images and new meaning. 

"It's exciting to expiriment outside of the preferred methods, and even forget about the preferred all together." For Kyle, art is about the process of creating, "not just about who can draw the straightest line." 

Layered both literally and in its depth, Kyle pushes art's definition to the limits in this tantalizing, beautiful exhibition. We are privileged to host Kyle Wilson's LOVELY SINS and hope you'll join us on Friday, February 5th to celebrate the exhibition opening at Fleda A. Ring Artworks.